It's time to Break The #ClimateSilence: Help air this ad on TV!

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney have been silent on the issue of the climate crisis.

By funding this campaign you will put the voices of young voters on national television, demanding the candidates lay out plans to get off fossil fuels and address the climate crisis.

Duresny Nemorin, along with 200 other young voters, filmed this question during a march & rally in Tallahassee, FL — we’re taking it national to demand the candidates address their question.

Why Air this ad on TV?

By showing grassroots supporting for airing this ad on cable news show, our intention it to get these same national cable news show to cover our story of Breaking The Climate Silence. We also hop to air the ad during the Daily Show to energize young viewers and attract more momentum for getting the candidates to address this important question at the final presidential debate next Monday.

Why fund this ad now?

After two nationally televised debates, President Obama and Mitt Romeny remain silent on the climate crisis. This week is a critical to push this issue so that it will be brought up in the final debate next Monday.