Take Action: Save our Democracy from King Coal.

This week: 1,000s of activists are converging in Charlotte, NC for the Democratic National Convention. Charlotte is also home to DUKE Energy, one of the last mega corporate funders of ALEC, which is one of the worst lobbying groups for our planet and our democracy. Seriously, ALEC is the group that’s writing “model bills” to greenlight fracking in Ohio, push the Keystone XL pipeline, and pass voter suppression laws that could disenfranchise upwards of 5 million voters in 2012.

We’ll be confronting DUKE Energy on the ground this week in Charlotte, NC--as well as in a slew of other states. But we need your help online to win.

1) Spread the Word:

We’ve made a few special visuals for you to spread out on Facebook. Please share your favorites with your friends, so they can get more involved in the campaign. Just click the image below to share!

2) Swarm Duke’s Facebook Page:

As we swarm Duke’s home turf in Charlotte, let’s challenge them on their online turf too. Take a moment to visit DUKE’s FACEBOOK PAGE and leave a polite but firm message to dump ALEC now.

Below are a few suggested messages to Copy and Paste. We recommend leaving them as comments on DUKE’s latest facebook page updates.

  • Dear DUKE, Please don't delete this comment if you support democracy & our right to vote. And please DROP ALEC NOW, since they support voter suppression!

  • Dear DUKE, your CEO, Jim Rogers, promised to take on climate change, but you’re still funding ALEC, the biggest lobbying group spreading climate lies and doubling down on a dirty energy future. Please keep your own pledge for a decent future and drop ALEC now!

  • Duke Energy doesn’t support voter suppression, right? Then why are you still members of ALEC? ALEC was a key force behind spearheading legislation that could disenfranchise up to 5 million voters in 2012. Will you be the next corporate member to take a stand for our democracy and drop your membership?

  • Dear DUKE, Will you join Entergy, GE, Walmart, Amazon, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and 33 other corporate giants, and quit your membership of ALEC? Corporate America is better than bankrolling voter suppression and bulldozing our democracy for more dirty energy. Dump ALEC Now!

3) Join 150,000 Strong -- Add Your Name:

**Over 150,000 PEOPLE** have sent a message to DUKE’s CEO, Jim Rogers, to keep his climate promises, and take a stand for democracy, by dropping ALEC NOW.

Add your name to the roster here! → www.powervote.org/dumpALEC

THANK YOU for taking the time for our planet and our democracy. Stay in touch on our Facebook Page & Twitter for the latest campaign updates.


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